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                                      Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates

Application forms for Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates are available at the High Commission.

Completed applications should be forwarded to the High Commission for onward transmission to the Registrar General in Georgetown Guyana.   The fee is CD$10.00 in cash or a money order made payable to the “Guyana High Commission, Ottawa”, as well as, $12.00 in Canadian stamps to be included for return of certificate.     

The complete processing time is approximately six (6) - eight (8) weeks.

Requirements for Registration of Births of Children Born Abroad to Guyanese Parents:

Person to be registered must be born on or after the 26th May, 1966.
The original Foreign Birth Certificate must be produced (no photocopies). (Checks have to be done by the Mission to authenticate the produced certificate)
At least one parent who is listed on the Foreign Birth Certificate must be Guyanese by birth.
Births not registered in English, must be accompanied by an official translation.
Proof of birth of the Guyanese parent, whose name must be recorded on the foreign birth certificate, must be produced.   Same has to be authenticated by the General Register office in Guyana.
Parents/Guardians must be present to personally affix their signature at the time of registration.
Photo identification of person effecting the registration.
If that person is not the parent, a duly notarized authorization must be produced.
Fee of Cnd$50.00 (money order or cash) to be paid upon the completion of registration.  Money order must be written out to the ‘Guyana High Commission, Ottawa’.

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