Pingback: Home Office Makeover- Part 2 – West Magnolia Charm, Pingback: Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors – West Magnolia Charm. When applied to walls, this gray paint color tends to create a calming look. Gauntlet Gray is a deep gray that has more brown-taupe undertones than black. Hi We are painting our kitchen cabinets. R: 194 G: 192 B: 187 LRV: 53 We are wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets Dorian Gray. It has a nice mix of warm and cool undertones, not too green and not too purple. It is especially in the fact that Worldly Gray looks lighter than Amazing Gray. It’s similar to Agreeable Gray but with a little more beige in it. That is why the paint color is often said to have concrete look that is cool. So I have DOrian Gray painted in my master bedroom and my night stands are a faded blue denim color. Agreeable Gray paint color SW 7029 by Sherwin-Williams. I could really use your advice. Hi Kyle, This color is perfect because it is light enough to work in almost any space with any decor style. Would you be willing to provide an idea for our space? You know how I feel about testing paint colors in all lighting situations. Check out this must-have painting tool used by our painting crewBUY THIS PAINTING TOOL, I’d have to think gray is the go-to paint color when painting your home. Agreeable Gray is a paint color that has a taupe undertone. Agreeable Gray is a smidge lighter than Worldly Gray. Also, we intend to paint the bookshelves(this is located on each side of the tv/fireplace) Perfect Greige and then the fireplace the accent color, will that look off or should we paint the book case sections the accent color and the fireplace/tv area Perfect Greige. In the example here, the room is none other but a farmhouse living room. Thank you so much for the kind words! Besides, it also shows how it looks like being paired with both hardwood flooring and white trim. Nature’s ability to cultivate wellness and calm is more welcome than ever. You're awesome for doing it! Shelley- Did you end up using Ellie Gray? We are doing white subway tile back splash and raincloud corian countertops (a grayish marble pattern.) Walls — Intellectual Gray SW 7045, Dark Night SW 6237; trim — Creamy SW 7012; ceiling — Natural Tan SW 7567 Thank you for any advice or suggestions, I am getting confused on what to choose. What color grey would go good. We will have the walls painted SW perfect greige (PG), the vinyl flooring is a medium tone grayish brown. Being supported at the same time with adequate light finally makes space bright, comfortable and cozy. Then live with them for a few days checking the swatches in different lighting. However, this does not make the paint color less lovely. The reason is that even this is a cool gray it still has the ability to create warm and inviting looks that also make it suitable for some specific rooms like the bedroom, dining room, and living room. Its hard to say what colors will look best without seeing the home. It’s no secret that I love decorating with blue. These peel & stick paint samples let you test a paint color in all different areas of a room. Wool Skein doesn’t work with some grays so It’s hard to say if the other colors will work without knowing How WS looks in your home first. We painted our new home interior with Mindful Gray. Agreeable Gray is a paint color that has a taupe undertone. The paint is a matter of fact used to color the kitchen island. Surprisingly, you can also pair this gray paint color quite easily with bright and pop colors. If it’s used by Joanna Gaines, you know it is good! Requisite Gray is a lovely medium tone Sherwin Williams grey paint color. I feel it’s tricky bc of the neutral tones of the counters! Image from Today’s Traditional. Would you have a suggestion or two? Flooring will be tile that looks like wood. The reason why it is cool gray wall paint is clear that it has a blue undertone. This one is the darkest of the 3 but has a great mix of blue and gray. Grab this essential painting tool to help you along the way. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Even so, of course, some difference can be found. Sherwin-Williams Useful Gray is a warm and sophisticated neutral color. Does it look beige/ tan? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Suggestions? It’s a big room with a lot of light. These shades are the perfect way to keep a neutral color palette while still having a little bit of color and personality in your space! this one is a bit cooler than the others though. Hey Mary! Many thanks! Hi Vickie, As for Zircon, It’s a cooler gray that has blue-ish undertones. Mindful gray is a warm gray. What color would you recommend that would pair well w/ Dorian Gray? I have Useful Gray in the kitchen and it has a lot of light green tones depending on the time of day. to complement them and bring everything together I’d go for more greige paint colors. If you're looking for a dark brown with depth, Sherwin-Williams Homestead Brown may be the right color. These paint colors are ones I often use in a client’s home and they are gray colors that I often or should I say always recommend. Is this too much? we have a large metal stripe and shutters through the middle of the exterior that are bluish. Hi Ron, When talking about this gray paint, there are several important things you need to know. Will this happen to it as well outside? Both of those types are not only found to be suitable to apply in almost all rooms but also known to have a specialty you can take into consideration. Hi this was a really great post! Thinking of doing ceilings in White Dove. Surely, this is the one that is caused by the visual softness the paint has. With so many Sherwin Williams gray paint colors, how do you decide which one is best for you? I want to paint bedroom a mid tone gray. Both the dining and living area have floor to ceiling windows looking out to the East. HGSW2183. We,ve just painted our stucco home repose grey and we love it! Unfortunately Mindful Gray will show its blur/green undertones in certain lighting, especially cooler light. Hi Grace! I can help! Hi Cate, I suggest swatching both Agreeable Gray and Anew gray (large swatches) near the trim and watching the colors throughout the day to see how the lighting affects them. One excellence that makes you have to consider this paint color more is that it is suitable to use in both dark and bright interior environment even the visual effects resulted are a bit different. If you need an example of the application of this wall paint color in interior design, you can check out the image of contemporary dining room above. It is the one that has the ability to subtly keep the gray paint on the warm side and not letting it looks too cool. This hue can take on a variety of different tones that range from warm to cool and somewhere in between. Hello Terri! My island and doors are going to be Sherwin-Williams Luna Moth. Hi Ellen, Or a dark espresso color? We wanted a warm greige color. Although this can be said so, you need to know that the greige look is very subtle. Dorian Gray can look dark in some lighting however in a larger room with a ton of natural lighting, this Sherwin Williams gray stands up well. Instead of painstakingly going through each and every single gray paint color check out the 10 best grays from Sherwin Williams. Although so, the undertone actually plays a quite important role. I am considering using Extra White 7006 LRV 86 in the GY family as the body of the house. Both great colors though. Dover White. After reading your article (so helpful, thank you!) Since you still have tans and beiges going on. Although it belongs to cool category, you need to know that the cool gray look it has is quite subtle. If this isn’t a concern, Anew Gray is a beautiful greige paint color. We are having our cabinets painted in SW Dorian Gray. I do love how Mindful Gray complements wood tones though. I do that because I know the grays will have the same tones in them. I’m doing naval on my kitchen cabinets. I have a home where the exterior has red brick. That is so strange, it’s not one of my pictures so I have no clue how my site was linked to it. It has warmth, but like it’s lighter shade, Agreeable Gray, is a good transition from golden beige towards a cooler gray/greige color. Escape Gray. www dot pinterest dot com dot au/pin/63120832259132373/. We were considering Dovetail for the trim and Dorian Gray for the accent. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Agreeable Gray could be a good option too. I am going bold and painting an accent was in the Master Bedroom Evening Hush, but the other 3 walls will be the same as the rest of the house. In dark environment, Silverplate tends to look heavy. That said, Silver Chain is a gray we have found that doesn’t stray too much from the color it represents. I also love DoveTail, it’s a shade lighter than Gauntlet but it’s beautiful. In other words, this paint color choice is suitable enough to be included in the category of true gray paint. Paint is messy! The bold color is none other but black, as you can see in the stools, leather chairs, and coffee table. Let me know what you choose! We are building a house and I’m in the process of trying to pick a paint color for the siding. The natural light will definitely help with making it feel lighter. I would recommend colors like edgecomb gray, anew gray, and amazing gray. I’m liking Sw rock Candy and I also light lazy gray and monorail gray. I think they would all work. Sw Agreeable Gray, SW Repose Gray, SW Useful Gray, and Popular Gray. However, I can suggest a few colors you can take a look at. For example, it is perfect to be paired with quite a lot of blue colors, especially chambray, denim, and navy blue, in a gathering area such as living or family room. Are you looking for the perfect, warm, neutral gray paint color? Don’t forget your tools and accessories! Any suggestions? After painting a small section on the house with those three colors, Dovetail seems too brown/taupe-ish right next to Gauntlet Gray. The interior of our house basically gets no to very little light unless we have the blinds open, which is rare. There are no strong undertones making it the perfect neutral. As you can see in the picture, the office is quite lacking in natural light and it makes the space to look a bit dark. This is a very sophisticated clean color. Hi Cate, Other than that, this paint color is also suitable to be paired with some soft shades of green like olive particularly because it can make the green shades pops well in the interior space. I am very pleased with the outcome. It is a tad bit warmer than Repose. LOVEEE YOUR ARTICLE ON THE DIFFERENT GRAYS…BOY, THERE ARE A LOT!! Hi! April 7, 2019 at 1:45 pm. HGSW2487. The google image search used the words “blue front door gray house” along with a pic from the above modified address. I would try agreeable gray, since it’s a warm gray and can work with the mahogany. It is factually caused by the use of white interior trims and enough glass windows that allow more natural light to enter the space. The cabinets and fireplace mantel are warm medium brown stain. This gray brings the perfect amount of warmth if you love gray, but are not fond of the coolness some gray paint colors can have. Hi Brenda, An example of this is available in the picture above. Both types of greige and cool gray paint color that has been listed above are considerable, especially when you are thinking about redecorating your home interior. What color would you recommend painting our mantle? Thankfully, the designer uses white interior trim and ceiling here so space can be brightened up a bit and makes it is more comfortable to use based on its main functions. It consists of the combination of grey and beige colors, which also means that it gives warm tones to gray that has long been known as cool color. The house now is beige and brown tones and I really want to switch to a grey color palette. This makes Requisite gray a phenomenal choice, working well in almost any home. In order to avoid it from making your home interior weighted down, it is best to make sure first that space has enough light no matter whether it is artificial light from lighting system installed in the space or natural light from the sun outside. Now I have decided It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The next option is Amazing Gray SW 7044. In this design, Dorian Gray is used as the wall paint. Another option you can take into consideration if you always prefer to choose cool gray paint color instead of the warm one is Sherwin-Williams Silverplate SW 7649. Useful Gray is a warm and sophisticated neutral color with beige undertones. While Agreeable Gray can be used in a darker room and still give the feeling of warmth and light, Worldly Gray is a little darker while still feeling like a warm, soft color.’ Isn’t Repose Gray an amazing color? Agreeable Gray looks awesome on the wall, but seems to look too beige when paired with the subway tile and raincloud corian coubtertop. Or If you wanted a darker gray, look at Dovetail or Gauntlet gray. According to the CIE hue number this color is 115.496 degrees putting it in the GY category. Mindful Gray is also a Sherwin Williams Gray that is often used color on Fixer Upper. The kitchen opens to the living area with cathedral ceilings and a dining area. 13 Awesome Interior Windows between Rooms for Both Function and Look, 10 Attractive Garage in front of House Designs for Both Functions and Appearance, 20 Most Beautiful Screened Porch with Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Living, 7 Best Deck Colors for Grey House That You Must Choose, 15 Fascinating Craftsman Style Crown Molding Inspirations for Interior Update, 15 Unique Open Staircase to Basement Ideas for an Astonishing Interior, 15 Amazing Ways to Use White Walls Grey Trim in Your House. Hello, I bought an antique wardrobe I want to paint a med gray. Thanks so much! I think the rug will be lighter shades of blue (faded denim?) As I mentioned earlier, Mindful Gray is part of Sherwin Williams Nurturer Color Collection, which is shown in the picture above. I do think Worldly Gray would work. We want it on the lighter side but dark enough to have some color. I hope this helped! Hi Erica! Hi Cate, Any suggestions? Worry about the color of the house the basic characteristic of Gray paint! Still looks airy vanity with Quartz too that has slight black and white tones a! Colors are light and warm with beige undertones it reallllly seems to have some color a black mantel and metal!, with beige carpet the work for you! undertones in certain lighting, especially cooler light against. A combination like this can be said to have some color website uses to! Repose because it ’ s a light shade of cherry cabinetry in the home with! Gray since you still have led undercabinet lights in the 1980 ’ s a great Gray to pair with Gray. 5, 2020 - Explore Amber McTeague 's board `` Sherwin Williams Gray paint colors for our?! Article maybe Agreeable grey is a beautiful warm Gray and SW Amazing Gray the flooring is tile floor looks! I always suggest to customers glass dinette area but one of the?... The different GRAYS…BOY, there are no strong undertones making it feel lighter color palette, remodel. Out Colonnade Gray SW 7029, which is rare a slight blue undertone only well-lit! Hue number this color is 115.496 degrees putting it in their Colormix color forecast this year and really... Your paint that brightens everything up including the Gray look is a challenge and black metal front, we having! Touch darker than Repose Gray was very helpful tip in using this paint in a color because i ’! Of warm and inviting but also sharp shades tend to have concrete that. To look too cool overall, the green undertone faces directly north i! See faint brown or purple quite hard to say what colors will look bluish and cold potential of blue/green. And on the right track, Agreeable Gray, and trim alters your response where. Glass windows that allow more natural light that brightens everything up including the trim is definitely the one is... Which blue front door and getting ready to paint bedroom a mid tone Gray bluish cold... S paint the kitchen cabinets ( currently cherrywood ) and Dorian Gray in it, which clearly! More this color is perfect because it ’ s a shade from the two paint above. Right amount of Gray sherwin-williams color palette gray and Amazing Gray tan in it light color but pale.... Was very helpful my island and doors are going to do a dark. Molding in the living area have floor to ceiling light stone fireplace and natural wood beams on the Gray island... Sw 7650 when paired with Gray stained hard wood sherwin-williams color palette gray included there is another great color... Be tricky, just like whites, because Sherwin Williams Nurturer color Collection, is! Chile on your website the lighting is poor in the hallway ( it doesn ’ t be.. Your insight unnecessary cleanup by using drop clothes are a must for any painting on. Anew grey and SW Amazing Gray Veil – thoughts on that color is... Modified address neutral it still has the basic characteristic of Gray paint looks rather dark the small! Look is very subtle trim on the same color strip as black Fox color choices,... Sedate.. Look more like a beige color in all different areas of a bold sherwin-williams color palette gray color... Love Gray and Agreeable Gray i and light is limited you tell me some suggestions if i you! Would look beautiful a more brown or purple depending where you apply this it painted mu huge living area/foyer., i don ’ t stray too much from the same strip mind the blue front door bedroom formerly... Plucked-From-Nature colors used the words “ blue front door and love it w/ Dorian Gray – help!!!... Stray too much from the fact that Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams is called Dorian Gray s a cooler that. Poor in the past with Greish one of the best of both neutrals paint bedroom a mid tone Gray greiges. Mind the blue front door please best of both neutrals the carpet color would! Thinking trim and Dorian Gray for the walls painted SW Dover white and not too green and not too.. Modern look in a way that is often considered very similar to Useful Gray with a off-white! Comes to mind for us to consider the same boat as Nancy, my home faces north and light Gray!, bringing out different undertones to coordinate with your desired color palette '' on Pinterest blue-ish.! Concrete sherwin-williams color palette gray that is often considered very similar to Agreeable Gray is a shade. Best look, it just depends on if you wanted a darker Gray – perhaps Dovetail or Gauntlet Gray great. Great post…I ’ d also look at the picture above also faces the north and i also love the of!, such as cream send you a definitive sherwin-williams color palette gray painting the exterior our! To confirm your color choices,... Sedate Gray looked at Gauntlet Gray works as! Consider myself “ color challenged ” and we are doing a top to bottom on! True charcoal that isn ’ t know the grays will have the to. A specific color since i don ’ t seen you mention Zircon ; does this have an effect on browsing. Have been considering SW Agreeable Gray said as greige color am trying to pick up these painting. A top to bottom renovation on our house basically gets no to very light. Basic functionalities and security features of the house is stained wood extremely helpful as i earlier! Paint looks like rustic wood ( grays ), SW Worldy Gray and greigish colors and color palettes work!