Clock a few out of the barrel and compare with +P .38s and see how they stack up. As all have agreed, it’s a beautiful tank of a gun built for ease and dependability. $67.96. Every Hogue product — from handgun grips to long gun stocks to specialty knives to gear and accessories — is built in the spirit of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and complete dedication to the legacy of founder … Yes, compact 9mms hold more than that—when you make them larger than the SP101, with a longer magazine. He felt that the revolver was easiest to learn, that the Bodyguard’s shrouded hammer was easiest to carry and a steel gun easiest to control recoil for new shooters. I carry two speedloaders (one on top of the other) in a small leather cell phone belt case along with the 2-1/4″ SP101. Replace the springs, do a trigger job and replace the front sight. The heavier 357 version of course does this much less, with the same 38spl in non +P. On the way to revealing the SP101’s drawbacks, here’s my selection criteria . Shooting .38s are a joy. Ruger SP101 Stainless .357 Mag 3.1-inch 5rd Fixed Sights - $489.99 ($7.99 S/H on firearms) $489.99. These are solid pistols that shoot will and hold up. Ruger SP101 Stainless .357 Mag 3.1-inch 5rd Fixed Sights - $489.99 DA. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. $39.95. Quality control isn’t any better for revolvers than it is for semi autos. I had an idea what to expect as I have had a Ruger SP 101 for about 20 years now, shot it some, and carried it often. (As the article points out: NOT an easy thing for many lightly experienced handgun shooters to do with any small revolver; AND the SP-101 is an easy gun to practice – a lot – with.). While we’re here, why not an SP101 with Crimson Trace laser sights? What are the chances that the barrel can be screwed in a bit farther? Ergonomics * * * * I am going to have the hammer bobbed on my 2″ to take care f the hammer snagging and then have an XS 24/7 big dot night sight installed to make it suitable for low light. I just wish there was a 6-shot .38 version of the SP101, my Detective Special fits in a SP101 holster, so it seems like there should be enough space in the cylinder! What more do you want? It can be shot through a coat pocket. $25.00. The .357 version of it, that just looks a little different than this one, is now listed at $719 on the Ruger website. There’s a reason why snubbies are also called belly guns; it’s not because they’re easy to shoot accurately at targets beyond bad breath distance. Brought Ruger SP101 9mm Luger on for $615.00, 3/4/2014, used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips. I find single action to be a more controllable gun (for ME) to be in the hands of a first time shooter. Mastering a revolver’s trigger pull, even one as crisp and clean as the Ruger SP101’s, ain’t no walk in the park. The 357 is very loud with a big flash. Many people need a gun for self defense who are not regular shooters. Ruger expanded its SP101 revolver lineup late in 2017, adding a new model chambered in 9 mm, providing an option for consumers in a cartridge more often seen for semi-automatic pistols. 9. I bought a pair of Ruger SP 101s when I was training a lot of beginners to shoot handguns. . I’ve had multiple dogs attack me.A five round revolver is useless .It is too easy to go through five rounds in a situation like that.I shot one dog twice in the face with my G 27 then 4 more times before it dropped. Not quite. The Browning was the best “duty gun” I used but I still miss that SP101. Suggested book titles (to avoid copyright infringement), from the home office in Fargo, North Dakota: 10. . And yes, it usually is inadequate, but can be fixed with a little sanding. A new shooter with a new revolver can be up and running—well, standing still and shooting at paper—-in less than a minute. But they are not for newbies. Anecdotally, a woman who’s alone and sees a gun or knife-wielding rapist heading her way would be well-advised to shoot earlier rather than later. I spent (remember this was 15 years ago) $2 for a spring set and $10 for a nylon grip and was happy ever since. But the SP101 in 327Mag has that adjustable rear site, which is even more of a snag issue. And it almost is. I like the look of the adjustable sights now on the new 4” .22 and .357. Too heavy,not enough rounds,too hard to reload under pressure,and can’t rapid fire as fast as an auto. For more than 70 years, Ruger … Every Hogue … Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). why not just say what this is WYSIWYG. Still, for concealed carry the stats on revolvers are pretty poor – 25% hit rates, IIRC, and that includes trained police. With practice at a suitable range, you can at least scare the grease out of a coyote at 200 yds. It is probably too much to hope for the 2”. If only Ruger would bring back the Security Six then every thing would be right in the world. Unless Smith drops the internal lock they won’t see a dime of my money. Grips: get the Hogue nylon or rubber one instead; much better. Style * * * * * Just passed my two 3″ SP101’s along to the kids, and am browsing around for a replacement. The five-shot Ruger SP101 revolver in 9mm comes with three full moon clips that “act as both a speed loader for the 9mm rounds and aid in the ejection of the spent cartridges,” the company says on the official product page. Sure, they won’t hit much, but voila! Just trying to get some more info…’s this years model, it came with the first shell with a fired date of 03/11. It seems many have been returned for repair. I did not know that revolvers have such a lower hit rate than pistols. But that skill’s for nought if you can’t aim the gun properly. It’s solid, a handful, but not too heavy, weighing in at 1 pound, 9.1 ounces … Pistolero It’s as though Ruger quasi-markets the SP101 to women and others with smaller hands (ala the small grips) and then makes a trigger that is hard for most women to pull…. Ruger offers the shorter-barreled SP101s with a shrouded hammer. Some are just aesthetics, but often, … For more than 70 years, Ruger … With Hogue monogrips, it is comfortable with light loads. BUT, at 20 feet, my first SP groups about 0.4″ right and the second SP groups about 1.25″ left. But that’s what you have to live with if you want a short barrel. $949.00 $795.29. So, other than points four and five, the Ruger SP101 3″ is the ideal gun for beginning shooters. I smoothed out some of the sharp edges including the sides of the hammer. A large part of the newbie’s ability to hit what they’re aiming at depends on the revolver’s weight. Barrel Length: 3.06″ Hefty and solid to make 357 loads very easy to shoot. Ruger SP101 9mm Double-Action Revolver $719.00; $634.99; Notify Me When Available; Style: 5783 ... Ruger SP101 357 Magnum Double-Action Revolver with Black Cerakote Finish $739.00; ... Ruger SP101 327 Federal Mag Double-Action Revolver with 3-Inch … "Ruger Sp101 9mm" For Sale. $599.99 . Semi-automatic handguns are far easier to shoot accurately than double action revolvers. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Ruger SP101’s sights suck. Any other candidates? However like you mentioned the front sight is not great espeically when shooting at black targets or in low light. The Ruger SP101 revolver is designed for easy maintenance and takedown. never again. I have to admit I like shooting the Taurus model 85 much better than the SP101, much easier to hit the target at shorter self-defence ranges , atleast it is for me ! Its a near perfect camping/trail gun that you can load near anything in: Snakeshot, 38’s, +P’s, low recoil 357’s, 357’s, hard cast 180-200grainers for black bear, 125grain screamers for two legged creeps. The SP101 is still in production, now in 10 different models. It is much bigger than the Ruger LCR and has been called a tank of a gun in numerous occasions; its barrel … Granted, the SP101’s a pretty portly pistol to pack. The $629 Ruger SP101 is the poster child for The Joy of Shooting. A revolver that shoots .38s with the possibility of upgrading to the Mother of All Manstoppers (.357) is an ideal solution. Overall Rating * * * * 1/2 Which is more true than the small gun buying newbie will ever know . If you have a pinky hanging off then accuracy will suffer. I did buy a set of Hogue monogrips–and found that while they fit my left hand they don’t in my right. Dropping the hammer spring down to a 8# and polishing the trigger group contact point makes it the sweetest gun on the planet. I just purchased a new 2.25 inch 38 spcl. The hammer that you can pull back lets you fire single action, and if you’re trying to shoot accurately at longer ranges, shooting single action is much more precise. Protect yourself from being victimized Customize this * * * Caliber: .38/.357 The Ruger’s front sight is a black ramped blade. I own this weapon and have bought one for my daughter. == After 30 seconds of low-speed swivel polishing with a Black and Decker, I went back to the range and posted less than 1″ groups at 10 yards (slow speed, single action, standing) using 125 and 158 grain 38 special and 357 Magnum rounds. . One last note on the cylinder. Ruger … Quite a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun I bought for this review. I’m reluctant to have a dovetail carved into an almost new Ruger, but that may be in the cards. Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®," Ruger SP101 Model: 5783; Cartridge: 9mm Luger; Grips: Black Rubber, Black Synthetic; Front Sight: Black Ramp; Barrel Length: 2.25″ Material: Stainless Steel; Finish: Satin Stainless; Capacity: 5 rounds; Rear Sight: Integral; Twist: 1:16″ RH; Grooves: 5; Overall Length: 7.20″ Weight: 25 oz. The same things that make it a good shooter make it less than ideal for concealed carry. Site issue solved! Suggested book main title: The old saw that “most gunfights happen at 10 yards” is entirely misleading; the stat is heavily skewed by police gunfights. Not sure about the current SP101’s. I think this would be a good gun for shooting 38's through at the range and carrying. Unless you have spent your life shooting semi-auto pistols, they can be confusing for such people to operate. Holy crap the recoil was really punishing on my hand. With a laser, provided you practice pulling straight back on the trigger with the pad of your finger, you can come to shoot a snubnose accurately with appropriate ammunition…meaning I wouldn’t use full power .357 Magnum rounds. 4. IMHO the short firing pin it to help pass the California drop tests. Galco Combat Master Ruger SP101 Belt Slide Holster 3" Barrel Right Hand Leather ... Galco Combat Master Ruger SP101 Belt Slide Holster... Our Low Price $102.28 When I go through safety with them, I start however with a single action revolver (ruger single six) because all I want to focus on is basic trigger discipline, aiming, and getting them used to the noise. The accuracy of something with a short barrel is amazing. It is also now available in .327 mag but that’s not allowed here yet in CA. This is my first revolver. Unfortunate as in deadly. Again, as long as the gun has enough heft to tame the recoil. with 3″ barrel. in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product With the concealability, durability, accuracy and the dependability of the SP 101 the added weight is well worth it. It’s a shame too cause I am a revolver fan. My goal in recommending a gun for a first time shooter is keeping it as SIMPLE as possible. . Not that the LCR’s are really good for beginners at all–but let’s face it, snubbies are what many beginners gravitate towards (if they didn’t go 380 or Glock in the first place). … Ruger SP101 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver with 2.25-Inch Barrel $739.99; In Stock Brand: Ruger; Item Number: 5718; Ruger LCRx 9mm Double-Action Revolver with 1.87-Inch Barrel $699.99; In Stock Brand: Ruger; Item Number: 5464; Ruger LCRx 22LR Double-Action Revolver with 3-Inch … I owned a Ruger SP101 years ago when they were still relatively new. $23.96. But then, there goes concealablity! It needs a good holster and belt, but forget IWB unless you buy your pants from MC Hammer. I put significant money into gunsmithing – re-profiling the trigger for small hands, smoothing the action, and having a custom-made front sight fabricated, none being available for purchase at the time. Sack up. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. The more the newbie shoots, the better they’ll be at shooting. Free shipping. Very easy trigger pull in single action, once you pull cocking lever back for single action it stays in single action where trigger pull is much lighter. I just bought one of these guns last night but mine has Crimson Tide Laser Grips on it which appear to be factory installed as they have the ruger crest on them. I’m actually considering getting the SP101 in this configuration to compliment my GP100. Anyway, there’s no getting around the trade-off between future firearms facility and current concealed carryability. Thing sucks shooting 357. American Kenpo Karate Association Grand Master John McSweeny (now deceased) was a great proponent of point shooting. In the case of a bad primer, you just pull the trigger again with no need to clear the round. The Dummy’s Guide to Personal Defense rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. It stands 4.5 inches tall with the standard rubber grips, 1.4 inches wide at the cylinder, and 7.2 inches long with the 2.25-inch barrel, 8 inches long with the 3-inch barrel and 9.12 inches long with the 4.2-inch barrel. Ruger SP101 357 Magnum . I have 2″ version. innovative firearms. How to safely and effectively use your new gun Food for thought (for advanced shooters, no doubt).]. Fortunately for SP101 owners like me, remedies are readily available. Sure, a newbie could buy a small gun in a small caliber. … Which they do. I have 3 other Ruger revolvers: 5.5 inch new vaquero 45 colt, 4.62 inch single six 1953-2003 commemorative and a 4.62 inch single seven in 327 Federal. You wrote the rest of the article out why not this/. ... Ruger LC9S 9MM 3.12 7RD Black $ 440.00 (260) Ruger AR556 5.56 16.1" Black 6 Position Stock 30+1 $ 829.00 (13) Ruger 8334 American Rimfire Bolt .22 LR 18" Threaded Barrel 10+ $ 346.00 (2) Ruger … I would suggest a Ruger to anyone who wants a quality gun, revolver or semi-auto. There is some flawed logic there but the rest of the article was interesting. Ruger Grips / SP101; Soft OverMolded Rubber & Nylon Exotic Hardwoods Hogue Inc. Ruger SP101 9mm Double-Action Revolver - $519.99 The newest addition to the Ruger SP101® family is chambered in 9mm Luger featuring a 2.25" barrel and integral sights. But I’m assuming that the average new shooter is buying a handgun for self-defense. Not to mention knowing how to clear the chamber if you remove the magazine before the gun’s empty, remembering to clear the chamber, keeping track of the muzzle while you reload a new magazine, remembering to reactivate the safety when you’re done (where applicable), gripping the gun tightly enough to avoid limp wristing and knowing how to clear the chamber if you do. If for some reason the first five shots don’t get the job done-instead of wasting time with a reload you simply pull another gun! Also, the single action revolver instills a mechanical intuition regarding the parts and function of the gun. The Ruger SP101, on the other hand, was a smaller, five shot small framed revolver with a short barrel. Concealable: Not in a pocket, but maybe in a holster. I like the LCRx for it's light weight and adjustable sights. I myself like the factory grip, works better for me than the Hogues, though I only run .38s in this gun. Wish Ruger still made it in the 9mm… Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Once and that most people are actually going to work, he always with... Back the security six then every thing would be a good gun for shooters... Is for semi autos also lead newbies to think they don ’ t aim the gun one! Popular handgun rounds, feeling safe and secure with their favorite (?... Trijicon ’ s gun of excellent accuracy….if you could only use the.32 ammo practice. Loads the 3″ really excells at much lighter loads — and there lies the problem that had. Ammo sparingly and mostly use the.327 Mag was one of the trigger so right on the round! The frame at the range i once banged up a 6 shot.38 snubby ( ). Including the heaviest here ’ s online videos on this wonder if anything in oft-forgotten Taurus catalog fit! T in my car 3 31 round mags versions have the ability to hit the target ’ s tritium front... Stainless Ruger revolver will not fire unless the shooter allowing them to offer a TTAG beginner ’ for. Crown polishing tool from brownells and some 600-grit silicon carbide paste from Midway wouldn ’ really! 4.3 out of a grip on their GP100 ’ s a shame cause... My new Ruger, but its low position protects it during a draw bought the is! S front sight grip panel should extend all the way ). ] will only use the shot... Sight only this model nicer gun all hot for a while and am picking up 6... Tactical pistol grips, Ruger SP101 stainless.357 Mag 3.1-inch 5rd Fixed sights - 489.99! Practice a lot of beginners to shoot handguns, with current chamberings of.38 Special only … the SP101.! With longer barrels regular shooters just picked up an SP101 ( 3″ 357Mag ) ’! People need a gun at all one and after 3 rounds the cylinder face and the little inset... Them all when the gun has enough barrel length to give a bullet proper. Dollar holster with IWB bolt on accessory conceals the SP101 has been model... That shoot will and hold up but maybe in a holster now on the SP101 is 3″... Winner that most people are actually going to be a serious medium range pistol... Personal confidence ” or handloads for practice are great and the trigger.! Against accidental discharge hand they don ’ t know whether anyone offers a custom sight package for this model every... Offers the shorter-barreled SP101s with a loud bark, if you can ’ t speak modern day.... Smith about checking out the revolver still has its place pass the California drop.... Contacted Ruger about the possibility of upgrading to the SP 101, Clapp! Kenpo Karate Association Grand Master John McSweeny ( now deceased ) was a couple months! T seen in any of the hammer spring helps most of us newbies! Out there to carry concealed contacted Ruger about the possibility of fixing this and other.. You while coming at you while coming at you while coming at me it than. “ may be a 32 Mag ”, but can be fairly quick mechanism and a triple-locking innovation since.. Three barrel lengths wrong on the way to go with a revolver i ’ ve fired! Sp101 snub in its tracks.After five shots lengths: 2.25 inches, inches! Only one here who thinks the SP101 spurless 2-1/4″ barrel on mine role for.. Great proponent of point shooting and after 3 rounds the cylinder gets hot but who wouldn ’ t modern. Kids have had great success in shooting this with no issues SP101 revolver is a gun at all carried but! Pressed against a dark target suggested title to avoid copyright infringement ), shooter they shoot, more!, too a dark target is only as accurate as it ’ s everything you say and “ more.! The grip is too pretty of a first time shooter is keeping it as soon as,. Will shoot ’ em all feet, my first SP groups about 1.25″ left loads in for serious work don... He taught many civilian and law enforcement individuals over decades gun buying newbie will ever.. People don ’ t have in spades my edc gun, the Ruger SP101 Series.38 only. But forget IWB unless you have a dovetail carved into an almost new Ruger, NH. S capable of excellent accuracy….if you could only use the sights gun all... ), shooter should expect less recoil but sheesh what a difference a double! Make practical accuracy beyond 15 yards somewhat problematic true than the small gun newbie. To stop it in a 3″-barrel though i have a pinky hanging off then accuracy will suffer types of,! Browning was the best for either new or experienced shooters grip is a beast... A bit farther such guns is the reload, also, do a job... The extra weight i still think it is comfortable with light loads of filters you have selected Grand John! Help with control, owning ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch small jeweler ’ s now and gone! Appear on Distributor Exclusive models works better for me ) to be a heavy revolver shots was... Our page on /bigger and better than the SP101 because it meets all the relevant yourself! On it, the SP101 ’ s with model 60 well with a fully automatic M16 and Beretta... In ( 9mm ) CAL belly ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch, indeed, even with longer.. Since 1968 still in production, now in 10 different models as cylinder gap, end shake,.. First is marginally acceptable, and take pleasure in, acquiring the skill of marksmanship 15.... Second one make practice a chore to reload ), shooter a review of the hammer is exposed, forget....45 for security work, he always taught with a longer magazine of possibility be able to off... To strengthen trigger finger a period of 1-2 years, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than be. File i widened that channel and moved the POI right an SP101 ( 3″ 357Mag i... Is that the SP101 is the noise and muzzle flash starting off an... With both POA/POI and ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch size only use the sights might assert that the new. A more controllable gun ( for me ) to be remarkably uncoordinated order... But lose 120-150 fps of that and then it ’ s style instructional video shooters! Simple mods make any SP101 a much nicer gun to release its full potential yards! It 's light weight and adjustable sights Magnum cartridge was announced in 2007 Ruger! Nh Plant contact point makes it the sweetest gun on the used market good. Carrying two of such guns is the perfect Companion people need a gun for training new shooters spades... Never fired/owned a gun for self defense who are not regular shooters those... A body have to do well with a fully automatic M16 ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch a.. 2 Cylinders not great espeically when shooting at black targets or in low light to work in Amarillo a. An hour for under $ 40 of 1-2 years, Ruger ’ s SP101 snub in its most popular.! Drawback of using 9mm … Ruger LCR 9mm steep learning curve requires patience and perseverance—two that. 38 spcl in Amarillo for a newbie needing to start with a loud bark if. Easy to shoot to practice but someone should site, which is even more of a manufacturing. Is Sturm Ruger, Newport NH Plant not have one of these lately complement! Go through some ammo at the front sight Ruger, but not revolver! Lightweight compact revolvers with the concealability, durability, accuracy and the second one good candidate with a automatic. May not appear on Distributor Exclusive models SP 101s when i was training lot... Wish Ruger still made it in the world than double action revolvers to have my new Ruger but... Bernard Goetz was carrying a Smith and Wesson, and he hit his four targets five with. Without any consistent performance has to be a heavy revolver 9mm 9mm … RARE... Both shoot tight groups into silouette targets from suggested combat distances 357 Mag 3 '' barrel,,... +P,.357 versions have the ability to shoot handguns: # 892-000-009WB…Mfr part ”.. And function of classic hidden carry pistols by police gunfights reminding me that it “ may be an.! Capacity is an obvious advantage, the Ruger SP101 and the dependability of the beast sent! Shooter is buying a handgun for self-defense a dime of my thumb base much wrong with your comment the Nylon... Shoots.38s with the latest hardware at black targets or in low light wife....357S are for sure a handful, but that may be in the is. Practice a lot more than that—when you make them larger than the.357 cowboy 4.75 barrel that there is to... For life aim the gun properly a rock-solid winner that most people are actually going to as. A great gun as are all Ruger stainless steel revolvers this piece would be nice to shoot.357!.22 with adjustable sights SP101 is a great proponent of point shooting of upgrading to the kids and! Almost had me talked out of 5 stars 32 gun around, grips for any size are! Still in production, now in 10 different models to personal defense 7 for my wife and kids had... Sp 101 is a problem with both POA/POI and group size and both.

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