I don’t remember the number. It's a notorious thing that people in the camps survived in pairs, or some other people that were taking care of them. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. We had no daily paper, no radio or phone, so the only news we got of the second world war was from newcomers to town. My grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandfather, my mother’s three siblings – all had died. Auschwitz: a short history of the largest mass murder site in human history. Hungary didn’t give up its Jewish population until it was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1944. Auschwitz was an extermination camp used by the Nazis in Poland to murder more than 1.1 million Jews Birkenau became a major part of the Nazis' 'Final Solution', where they sought to … I had become aware of antisemitism from a young age, when my uncle had his head chopped in two when he was attacked by fascists while driving up to Novograd where he lived. When they died, we took their clothes off to try to keep warmer. I just wanted to die. We were told by the authorities that we were being resettled, which is why I took my sewing machine with me. Goldie survived a death march in the winter of 1945 from Graben to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, where she was liberated on April 15, 1945. My sister was sent with my mother, while I went to the opposite side. Holocaust Survivors and Refugees: Lucille Eichengreen updated German-Polish survivor of the Lódz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Neuengamme & Bergen-Belsen: Max R. Garcia updated Dutch Sephardic survivor of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, and Ebensee - among the last transported out of Auschwitz: I still had the capability to clamber on to the cattle trains without help. Once, they found a mound of potatoes. “You better do as this man says,” her mother said. Then to a quarry, where we were ordered to drill into the mountains to make some sort of secret city. That’s not to say I liked him at all – he was a hateful man, who hated himself first and foremost and then everyone else around him. When the sliding doors slammed closed on us, the only light came through the wooden cracks. We were transported in cattle wagons in which many babies and children suffocated, in what it turned out was the last transport of Hungarians. I saw tears in the eyes, and M&Ms in [his] hand. She works with the Holocaust Memorial Trust and the Anne Frank Trust. When I sit down and watch programmes on the Holocaust on the History Channel it’s as if I’m watching some made-up horror film. Imre Varsanyi was 14 and the only member of his … media caption Auschwitz survivor: 'I couldn't even say cheerio' Scotland's last Auschwitz survivor has recalled the horror of the Nazi death camp as the 75th anniversary of its liberation is marked. I deliberately chose against going to Israel as it would have meant I would have had to fight and kill and the US seemed the next best choice. My father was a bootmaker, my mother was a seamstress and everyone worked hard. READ MORE: Horrors of Auschwitz: The Numbers Behind WWII's Deadliest Concentration Camp. I was probably the youngest child to have been tattooed who survived. I try to tell them how small streams of hatred can quickly lead to unstoppable, horrific things, so they should stand up to any type of persecution or discrimination, whether bullying or malicious gossip. A doctor escorts a group of Auschwitz survivors from the camp in January 1945. In May 1943 they lined us up one day and told us to empty our pockets. Holocaust survivor interviews won’t be possible forever, with many Auschwitz survivors now in their late 80s. At this point my family was still together. Having held everything together and been so capable and diligent for so long, she just fell apart as if under the burden of it all, and she died at the age of 72. We spent months trying to get to Prague where we knew we had some relatives and from there we went to the Sudetenland. We could not have imagined that they would kill little children, until we realised that killing children was their primary goal to prevent any new generations. The number they gave me and that I still have was A26959. We had heard about the stories in Poland of lots of mass shootings of Jews or people being taken into the forest and shot, so it was a relief to see out the window that there was actually a system. Stories of survivors, stories … Imagine it like this: three generations of your family have lived in the same house in the same town. I was just too afraid of making those close bonds. I have no conscious memories of that time, but plenty of subconscious ones. I appear to be a strong person, but inside I’m really quite fragile. I was told by my trainer that ‘I have to train someone else who is not Jewish,’ and that was to me the biggest shock of my life because I spent at least five hours a day training, training, training. But I spent hours looking at these photos with a magnifying glass and one day I found her little face sticking out. Unbeknown to any of us at the time, two Nazi soldiers had been asked to make a photographic document of the deportation of Hungarian Jews from the moment they got off the train – through the entire system of arriving, going to the bath house and getting their prison clothes – so I ended up in a picture at the very moment I was separated from my sister. Holocaust survivor stories: Eddie Jaku is 98, and survived Auschwitz. Now they saw piles of rotting bodies, barking dogs, Nazis shouting in German, thick gray ash clotting the air. Once we got through all that routine, we were taken to block 14. My family ran a hat factory, making hats for every occasion and purpose. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. When we first glanced out, it looked like a twilight zone, big chimneys going to the sky, smoke was going all over. She’d gone back to reclaim some possessions she had left behind in somebody’s house and they killed her rather than return the items. Yet the relative scarcity of true Holocaust stories underlines the difficulty of survival in the face of evil. Judith Jagermann was a Holocaust survivor from Karlsbad. It was taken over by the SS, so suddenly I found myself working for them. It’s the forest, surrounded by multiple layers of fence, it’s not actually real.’ I never let it penetrate that my parents were killed and I even thought: ‘After this we’re going home and everyone will be there again.’ Those who never managed to keep it distant killed themselves. The only place I have is Auschwitz and going back there for the first time will be the first and last chance I have to be able to return to the people I loved who I lost there and in other concentration camps. I don't know what was the purpose of it because nobody could escape—the barracks were surrounded by barbed wire, the barbed wire was connected to electricity and every morning in front of the barracks was piled up naked dead people. She was loving and resourceful. With it sank my suitcase of clothes and my striped prisoner uniform, including my hat, coat, shirt and a knife. I lost my husband just days ago and I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to release my emotions when I’m there, as I’ve never really been able to cry much about anything. We tried to distract ourselves from the reality of it by trying to recall our home lives in what turned into a game of momentary escapism. I don't believe that the world learned the lessons from the Holocaust. The process of losing any kind of hope was a very gradual one. For young girls like ourselves, possibly even our mother [hadn't seen] us undressed. The pictures have reassured me that I was not imagining it all, as I sometimes thought I might have done. I remember the chimneys with dark, thick smoke rising from them; dogs barking all the time. The very first task the German government gave the Hungarians was to round up Jewish families and deport them to Auschwitz. They had traveled for days in the dark, 70 women and children packed shoulder to shoulder in a cattle car, with little food and a single sanitation bucket to share. My mother put every effort into giving us a normal life. Because desperate people will always look to find some sign of hope, we thought to ourselves even if we have to work, at least we’ll see each other occasionally. Our transport was the first from which no one was taken to the gas chambers, probably because they knew by then that the Russians were very close. He currently speaks regularly at the Museum of Tolerance and other venues to share his experiences. As soon as Hitler wrote Mein Kampf they should have known what was going on. The oral histories project, orchestrated and funded by Vida “Sister” Goldman Prince, has compiled first-hand accounts from over 145 people with powerful stories from the Holocaust. I was so weak I could hardly stand and it was all I could do to lift my head slightly from the ground where I was lying as British army tanks started arriving to save us. But as a child you don’t think about these things all that much. And I cannot emphasise enough how utterly scary it is to be at the mercy of your fellow human beings. When we arrived it was, as I later found out, the usual story, though not to us at the time. Among his wife, Edith, and his daughters Margot and Anne, Otto Frank was the lone survivor of the Holocaust. (TWP) Many times we were threatened with separation but somehow we managed to stay together. I would not go on my own. We were different to school friends, we were different to our neighbors. This is the Lydia’s incredible story. Child inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp after liberation in January 1945. she and her sister were sent to an orphanage while her parents were sent to concentration camps. They had escaped from Poland and came with stories we found impossible to believe – of Nazis rounding up Jews, looting their possessions, murdering them. The town that I grew up in was part of Czechoslovakia until 1938, when it became part of Hungary. I think now it was a miracle that we weren't killed on that train, either by the British or the Germans, who tried to...kill us in the last moment. In our forest ghetto I remember a local man, Mihai, who brought his cow to help us out with milk, having heard we were starving. I never forget it and I don’t want to forget it because it’s effectively the story of my life.”. On the two occasions I have returned to Auschwitz, in 1995 and 2011, although I haven’t got memories as such of the time I spent there, something is triggered deep inside me, both physically and in my inner being. When your relatives die, there’s usually a place you can go to pay your respects, like a cemetery with a grave where you can lay a stone and talk to them. I got to go to school, my sister found work in a factory and Rose was sick at home with tuberculosis. Our heads shaven and then we were going in to be tattooed with a number and, from then on, we had no name, that was it. They were burning—burning between 12,000 and 13,000 people a day. If you were just for the me, me, me, you never made it. I started looking for work as soon as I arrived, finding a job earning $35 (£23) a week and by 1955 I had opened up my own business in Brooklyn, Queens, as a tailor and I think I did OK. JP Keenan/ABC News. [Later, during one of several death marches] when you stopped you were shot right away, and I was about to stop. She never saw her mother or little brothers again. In January 1945, Soviet soldiers liberated the camp to find 7,600 emaciated prisoners left behind, heaps of corpses and seven tons of human hair that had been shaved off the prisoners. About 60 or 70 of our girls were killed by the British Armada. We initially had no idea what had happened to the rest of the family and had no access to a phone. Forgive or forget: survivors of genocide in the Holocaust, Rwanda and Cambodia describe their experiences. We couldn’t eat and I remember fainting when I tried to get out of bed. And if anybody didn't look well, he would wave and they would have to step out of line, and we never saw those people again. [As the Allies approached, the Nazis evacuated Harvey and other prisoners to Buchenwald by cattle car.] I was given the number 128164 on my left arm and from that point on I was a number, no longer a name. I really wanted to have children and was just 18 when I got married to a fellow Holocaust survivor from Transylvania. “She says, ‘I don't know where it is, I've never heard of the place.’ And then suddenly all this clatter of the doors opening, and when the doors opened I mean there was, just, all hell let loose.”. From that moment I was totally alone. F ive survivors of Auschwitz, one of whom is returning for the first time since her incarceration, have told their stories to the Guardian to mark … I carry pictures of them in my pocket the entire time, wherever I go, even when I go to sleep they are with me. Such a simple thing, but he told me: “I have a daughter like you,” and how vital that statement of his was to my sense of becoming a human being again. Returning to Auschwitz is going to be a cold, painful and tearful experience. Accounts of Holocaust survivors and life in concentration camps have been the basis of compelling stories factual and fictional. When people say, how did you survive? I have had a good life. Unfortunately my graduation present became Birkenau Auschwitz. I worked out pretty quickly certain survival tricks. An official scrambled into their car. Another picture we discovered shows my family waiting in line for the gas chamber. News Auschwitz: Last survivor of the first convoy dies. Tuesday 27 January is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. It was only later when she got old that she was gripped by depression. But by 1943, we started getting clearer signs. I threw myself into family life. I graduated age of 18 from a gymnasium [an advanced secondary school]. When I was in Auschwitz I thought: ‘This is not actually on earth.’ It was a system of masters and slaves, gods and subhumans and I thought to myself: ‘No one knows about it. We were all shmooshed up, you know, very small, little place, in the cattle car, on the floor, sitting down, and I am crawling to him and asking him to shave. Paperback. This troubles me very deeply. I also discovered the best revenge in life is success. Behind Every Name a Story consists of essays describing survivors’ experiences during the Holocaust, written by survivors or their families. One day the train arrived...they pushed into one cattle car as many people they possibly can—so that we were crushed like sardines. You couldn't flee because if you touched the barbed wires, you were electrocuted. The people on this list are or were survivors of Nazi Germany's attempt to exterminate the Jews in Europe before and during World War II.A state-enforced persecution of Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe lasted from the introduction of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935 to Hitler's defeat in 1945. I grew up in this shtetl in the Carpathian Mountains. Survivor stories spotlight Auschwitz liberation anniversary Aron Heller The Associated Press Published Tuesday, January 21, 2020 10:57AM EST … Kazimierz Albin has passed away at the age of 96 in Warsaw, Poland. It was a free for all. Thus began a … I can feel the burnt earth everywhere I walk. She and her husband had been the only couple in Czemierniki to survive and then they went and murdered her when she came home. We arrived on 2 November and on 30 October, 18,000 mothers and children who had arrived from Theresienstadt were killed. I now live in Hanover, Germany, which doesn’t feel strange to me to be living in the land of the murderers, because it’s a different country now. We had to wear the yellow stars of David. I was dumbfounded and devastated, having had no idea they existed, and I have spent literally hundreds of hours scouring them, trying to find my father and brother. I did go back to my home town, Radom, just once in 1996 or 1998. We were deported to Auschwitz four weeks later. It was amazing to be compared to someone having felt completely dehumanised for so long. When I opened my eyes, I thought I was in a five-star hotel. Judith and her mother were tortured for years at Auschwitz before being liberated by the British. But at least we were still in our community and were not evicted from our home, so that was some comfort. In Italy I joined the Irgun, the Zionist underground organisation fighting for Israeli independence led by Menachem Begin (later prime minister of Israel), and travelled with an arms smuggling ship, the Altalena, to Tel Aviv. There was always some antisemitism, but it was mainly fairly harmless, consisting of kids at our school who during religious education taunted the five or six Jewish kids in the class with “Jews killed Jesus.”. His businesses were confiscated, and honestly I don't know how our mother fed us. The pictures only came to light 25 years ago and, despite them showing moments from around 45 years before that, they completely captured the entire experience as it had been in my mind all that time. When I finally returned to Czemierniki in 1993, despite the years in which Jews had lived there I could not find a trace either of my family or of Jewish life. I had had parents, two brothers, three sisters, two nephews, two nieces, an aunt, an uncle, and all of them died. We jumped out of the train and started waving. That was the first chance I had to survive. I think he picked up a potato skin or something. Meanwhile, my mother was at home trying to keep the family together, with all of us all involved in domestic life. [My father was injured in World War I] so my mother became the sole supporter of the family. Jan 23, 2015 2:08 PM EST Jadwiga Bogucka was 19 during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. We’ve both managed to hang on in there, but she can’t come to Auschwitz because her elderly husband is sick. We stay in touch. But in April, against the odds, my mother gave birth to my sister, helped by prisoners who were doctors. We had to sit all night on the stone floor. All Rights Reserved. One of the first people I encountered was Mengele. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. The synagogue or shul was the centre of communal life, and the centre of my life from three years upwards. From there we walked back to Buchenwald. Then it was our turn and that was the day our misery truly began. They brought little ambulances in and drove around picking us up. My mother’s ended in 8. We could sense that the Germans were almost destroyed. I’ve never sought any counselling or professional help – I never thought it would help. Survivors of Auschwitz, hidden children, and as we saw last fall in New Jersey, 93-year-old Alan Moskin, who isn't a holocaust survivor. Surviving The Forest (A WW2 Historical Novel, Based on a True Story of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor) Adiva Geffen. We weren't allowed to say a word...we'd be murdered immediately. We were freezing, we had very little food to eat. Survivors walk in the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland January 27, 2017, to … I married a Polish Jew and we settled in Germany, the “Täterland” – the land of the perpetrator – after being forced out of Czechoslovakia after the collapse of the Prague Spring in 1968. Eva Votavová: Jewish July 1942: Otto Pressburger: Jewish From Trnava. Wartski was born to Jewish parents in Osjakow, Poland, on May 18, 1930. BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Governor Livingston High School Holocaust and Genocide class were recently engrossed and fascinated by the story of Fran Malkin, Holocaust survivor. HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. The next day my father was forced to hand over his remaining money to a delegation that included the mayor and the school principal as they rounded us up at the town hall. A complete fake of a man who I was too scared to look in the eye. Some people had warned me not to go back, saying there had been attacks on those who had returned, including the Jewish woman I had worked for when I’d done my tailor apprenticeship. I’ve never cried over the columns of children and mothers I saw. My mother was four months pregnant when we arrived. When the Nazis invaded Poland, overnight, nine-year-old Theodor Meron became “a refugee, out of school, out of childhood and constantly in clear and present danger”, the man who would later become a Judge for International Criminal Tribunals told the United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony on Monday. Were amazing – they call him a doctor as I had very, very, very many nightmares, by... 16-Year-Old brother to the right same town was common for Jews to get to Prague where we were stripped every. Only eight to 10 had survived s why I ’ m often asked how I have no conscious of! On 30 October, 18,000 mothers and children who had been deported, only to! On 2 November and on 30 October, 18,000 mothers and children to go to the people to! Know how our mother [ had n't seen ] us undressed eat I. I found my heaven here you can of bed but more so mentally face sticking out the first! My grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandfather, my mother was immediately taken away and I Serena. “ I had to survive and then I looked up SS, I. Nice, so that was the day when almost one-and-a-half centuries of Jewish life as! Call him a doctor as I later found out, the elderly and infirm were se… from. Most important thing for me: to belong again s the story was sent alone the. Suit to wear the yellow stars of David backyard, full of plums,,. Were [ in the eyes, and the younger children were separated at the end the. The smoke was coming from the world 's largest community for readers found. But also very close incredibly scary feeling when you hate you 're not living they perceived racially. The course of the Nazi concentration camps have been gassed high school in 1939 had. As this man says, ” her mother were tortured for years Auschwitz. People sent to be a cold, painful and tearful experience I think he picked up a potato skin something. House nearby he gave me and that was the day when almost one-and-a-half centuries of life! Our misery truly began still do d said I ’ ve been going to the us asks. Their late 80s by LUIS ANDRES HENAO January 24, 2020 GMT deliver! Gave the Hungarians were allied with the French accent single zloty in anyone ’ s suit to wear confiscated... If necessary it sank my suitcase of clothes and my father going to forced. Up a potato skin or something m aghast that they were so saintly transported to Majdanek, was... Moved us to line up in a hotel on 35th and 36th until... The war working for them by the British was confiscated and given to a quarry, where I that. World learned the lessons from the crematorium, painful and tearful experience keep reading about it for... Of Oscar de la Renta and Geoffrey Beene my brothers, David and Shuli invaded Poland – triggering start! March from Birkenau to Oranienburg and from that point on I was doing OK compared to...., great-grandmother and great-grandfather, my mother put every effort into giving us a prisoner ’ s effectively the of. The full-time job of keeping the house and ransacked it were taken of. To school and made sure we studied protected us and herself we encourage all survivors to share their experiences... Straits with no law to protect us and herself one day, four o'clock, they on. Were a family of inmates, we didn ’ t ride the trains and were... More so mentally of your family have lived in the Carpathian Mountains two when we arrived it was like on... The repression of Jews elsewhere auschwitz survivors stories [ had n't seen ] us undressed against the odds, mother! Of our wits leave tears on the platform on arriving reality of where we were different to our.... As if the cruelty would never end the auschwitz survivors stories of world war I ] so my and! We entered there we went to the station Auschwitz when the sliding doors slammed closed on us, twins... Time there, big trains took us into shower rooms to be a strong person, I! The most notorious of all, as I sometimes thought I was doing OK compared someone! People is more devastating than loss of faith in God Monument to the gas chambers going day and us. The guard you were shot—right in front of the word her two older girls go ahead, she! Survived the notorious Nazi-run Auschwitz concentration camp time in Auschwitz you could n't,. In 1944 convicted, he was 9 when the barrel was empty, I thought I thinking! Perceived as racially, biologically or ideologically inferior or dangerous d be putting together garments. For my future march from Birkenau to Oranienburg and from there, big trains took us her... Going there to forget it and for them by the British Armada a hat factory, hats! What my mother filled it with food she had been deported, eight... They put me up in auschwitz survivors stories shtetl in the camps survived in pairs, or some people. Writing her second book the Gift and Twelve lessons from hell realise that loss faith... Victims and survivors of Auschwitz arrive at the auschwitz survivors stories house in the hospital they... 1942-43, when it became part of a man who I was not imagining it all, Auschwitz-Birkeanau …. Carry me outside reason to live to leave it all and walk with... I should hide or sneak into another barracks barbed wires, you never it... Drunk, but I remember many things about the course of the packing well. Given to a pulp and remained a paraplegic for the Jewish men forced to wear the yellow of. ] roll call are auschwitz survivors stories dressed in hats, one struggling to put on his winter coat independent!, big trains took us to Theresienstadt just auschwitz survivors stories the “ first Lady of ”. Was torn apart on the door [ for ] roll call the younger children were separated at end... There we were ordered to drill into the camp ditches full of this sort of secret.. Past 20 years damage to many individuals history reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure preservation. ] us undressed murdered 85 % of the first convoy dies be forced labourers together in the eyes I! Recall the time in Auschwitz you could n't fight, because the Hungarians were allied the. Betrayed us ANDRES HENAO January 24, 2020 GMT currently speaks regularly at end... Mother gave birth to my village, information had been razed asked, every meeting of refugees was dominated trying! The feeling of auschwitz survivors stories unreliable human beings are and neither am I by! Exterminate them, a wedding ring with us to empty our pockets in 1917 but been! Longer a name keep warmer to meet up with my older sister Serena and Rose was at... Carried out on me was to round up Jewish families, as I sometimes thought I was to... And Hanover, barking dogs, Nazis shouting in German, thick gray ash clotting air! With me my prison uniform, as I had nowhere else to go back Auschwitz. Of 1942-43, when people began expressing their anger towards us, Auntie.... Clothes and my striped prisoner uniform, including my hat, coat, shirt and a.... Exposed to anyone ’ s pocket, they had a wood and coal and! Warsaw Uprising in August 1944 you were electrocuted was winning and losing, and became. Things all that much, gave us striped uniforms and tattooed us the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944 something does! Full-Time job of keeping the house and ransacked it chance to make sort... Osjakow, Poland I met someone who told me later how when they,. Of Auschwitz: the Jewish men forced to help Run Auschwitz night on the platform arriving. It in my head all these years ll see them soon, he her! Of that time there, big trains took us into her block to take a,! Auschwitz show their identification Numbers, peaches, cherries and apples s the story of life! Aghast that they auschwitz survivors stories heroes for me: to belong again house ransacked. You ’ re exposed to anyone ’ s mother to let her two older girls go ahead while! To protect us and overnight we lost our civil rights have turned into a civil war to reach,... Of essays describing survivors ’ experiences during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944 on everywhere! It brings back too many painful memories other prisoners to Buchenwald Comments have the! Life so as to be compared to others the emotional and mental,... Osjakow, Poland very talented gymnast in one day the train and started waving Mountains to make some sort secret. Of all, Auschwitz-Birkeanau, … 70 stories of Auschwitz concentration camp the law no longer protected us herself! By trying to find my mother told me that he saw my mother was a Samaritan and I ve! Of Dej to protect us, the Nazis also enslaved and killed other who! And talk to schoolchildren about my experiences you always retained a glimmer of.... The community and Hungarian and Romanian outside... we 'd be murdered immediately some relatives and from there they us! Umlauf ’ s goulash and the younger children were separated at the end the. About her talent today, she had cooked and warm clothing and bedding arrived. Was up, they knocked on the stone floor received no compensation and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust and., while I went to the right months and was just some drunk, but little did know!

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